Unlock Your Horse's Inner Unicorn: Equine Elixirs Launches Fast-Acting Calming Paste Sudden Comfort

March 24, 2021 - Wellington, FL

Equine Elixirs, the brand behind the popular Ulceraser®, Positude®, Immunox®, and Calmakazi® supplements, announces an addition to its product line: Sudden Comfort®. Sudden Comfort is a fast-acting calming paste that supports optimal nervous system function and improves a horse’s focus in stressful situations. The introduction of Sudden Comfort comes on the heels of the February launch of Equine Elixirs’ new electrolyte, Electrofresh®.

“Sudden Comfort was created in response to customer demand for a different type of pre-performance paste,” said Elizabeth Ehrlich, founder of Equine Elixirs. “We found that existing calming pastes on the market were slower acting and more difficult to administer because of palatability issues and volume size. Sudden Comfort is effective in as little as an hour and a half and its fresh orange smell and taste and thicker consistency make it easier and more enjoyable for horses to consume.”

Sudden Comfort uses a proprietary amino acid intermediate in the synthesis of serotonin that is more effective than traditional tryptophan found in other calming pastes.

Available in a convenient concentrated 30mL syringe, Sudden Comfort is all-natural and horse show-safe like all Equine Elixirs products.

About Equine Elixirs
Equine Elixirs leads the field in all-natural, equine supplements designed to support equine health. The brand offers six innovative supplements: Ulceraser®, a whole food based supplement for gastric health; Positude®, an orally administered proprietary blend providing hormonal support; Immunox®, a forage-based blend offering immunity and antioxidant support; Calmakazi®, a forage-based supplement for nervous system support; Electrofresh®, a mineral-rich electrolyte that helps maintain osmotic balance and encourage hydration, and Sudden Comfort®. Equine Elixirs also offers Tidbits®, a healthy treat created to support gut health and digestion in ulcery horses. Learn more at www.equineelixirs.com and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.