Scott Stewart Collects Sixth WCHR Professional Finals Title Aboard Reality

October 2, 2015 - Upper Marlboro, MD

Scott Stewart and Reality.
Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography
Scott Stewart and Reality in their presentation ceremony for the $5,000 WCHR Professional Finals.
Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography
Havens Schatt and Mostly Sunny in their presentation ceremony.
Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography
Allison Joyce and Herrold.
Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography
Allison Joyce and Herrold in their presentation ceremony.
Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography
Kimberly Maloomian and Invincible.
Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography
Kimberly Maloomian and Invincible in their presentation ceremony.
Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography
Cloe Hymowitz and Fidalago van het Leliehof.
Photo by Shawn McMillen Photography

Allison Joyce Earns First Major Finals Win in ARIAT Adult Medal; Maloomian and Invincible Collect $2,500 WCHR Adult Amateur Challenge; Cloe Hymowitz Takes First Round of $10,000 North American Jr./AO Challenge Cup

As a highlight of the Capital Challenge Horse Show (CCHS) each year, the WCHR Professional Finals crowned a veteran champion in 2015, as Scott Stewart of Wellington, FL, took the top prize in the $5,000 WCHR Pro Finals presented by the show’s title sponsor, Well Placed Smile, for the sixth time in his career. Stewart earned the prestigious top prize in the final round aboard Reality, owned by Alexa Weisman, with a final sore of 271.99. The Capital Challenge Horse Show will continue with hunter and jumper competition through Sunday, October 4, at Prince George’s Equestrian Center.

Allison Joyce and Herrold were victorious in the ARIAT Adult Medal Finals presented by Ariat International, the most prestigious Adult Medal finals offered in the United States. Kimberly Maloomian and Invincible, owned by Ellen Toon, captured the $2,500 WCHR Adult Amateur Challenge presented by Kate Considine and Willowbrook Farm with a final score of 88.00. Cloe Hymowitz and Fidalgo van het Leliehof, owned by Rose Hill Farm, won the first round of the $10,000 North American Jr./AO Challenge Cup presented by Johnson Horse Transportation.

As a fun and entertaining twist to the WCHR Professional Finals, the top six professionals who qualify for the class must ride two new mounts for the first two rounds of the division and then may choose a horse from their own string for the final handy round. Stewart was rewarded for his trips aboard his two borrowed partners, earning a 90.33 and 92.00 respectively. Hunt Tosh and Amanda Steege both jumped to a tied high score in the first round with a 93.00, while Havens Schatt took the high score in the second round with a 94.00.

Scott Stewart is no stranger to the WCHR Professional Finals having won the class an incredible six times so far in his career. Riding the 2004 Mecklenburger stallion (D’Olympic x Smilla II) Reality in the final handy round of competition, Stewart collected top honors after receiving a 90.33 in the first round, a 92.00 in the second, and finishing with an 89.66 in the handy.

“For me, a highlight tonight was the handy with Reality because we didn’t chip the trot jump, which I had been doing all week at the same jump,” said Stewart. “I’ve had the ride on him for six or seven years and he’s a stallion. He does the younger amateur classes and he’s just a really steady nice hunter and a blast to ride.”

As to why Stewart chose the seasoned stallion, “He just did the amateur classes yesterday so he was still here on the grounds. I used him last year and he was really good so I wanted to stick with him for this class.”

Havens Schatt, of Georgetown, Kentucky, finished in reserve just behind Stewart piloting three different horses to three lovely rounds. Schatt chose to ride Mostly Sunny, a 2008 Zangersheide gelding owned by CH Farm, LLC in the handy round to help the young horse gain more experience under the lights in a big atmosphere, in which he excelled, receiving an 89.00, 88.00, and 90.00 for a total score of 89.00.

“I hope that next year this horse will be able to do more derby classes and possibly Derby Finals. I’m pretty protective of my horses and I felt like this was a good class to get him out schooling underneath of the lights and change his routine a little bit,” she explained. “It’s luck of the draw when you do this class and you never know what’s going to happen and I hoped that it wouldn’t come down to him winning the class and that we would be in it. It was a great learning experience for him.”

Jenny Karazissis of Calabasas, California, aboard 2004 Hanoverian gelding Tuscany, owned by Emily Sukert of Newport Coast, CA, also laid down an impressive handy round.  The duo made up the gap in Karazissis’ previous two rounds, to earn scores of 93.00, 94.00, and 93.00, leaving them with an averaged score of 93.33 in the final round. Karazissis finished with a total score of 266.99, good enough for a third place finish.

“He was really on this week when I rode him, and I knew that I could rely on him in this class to do well,” said Karazissis. “It was really fun, and I had a great time with him this year in this class.”

According to Stewart, who has commented on the competitiveness of the show throughout the week, reiterated the notion tonight that each of the country’s top professional riders bring their best horses to this show and competing together in a fun environment brings a new depth to the sport.

“This horse show I think is the most competitive show of the year. With all of these great riders it is always an honor to be in this group and try to maintain that. I think it is also just a fun class as well. We all are rooting for each other and it’s a fun night.”

The horses used for this year’s $5,000 WCHR Professional Finals class were generously donated by Ally Marrinan (Forester); Emily Cherney (Kinder Scout); Elvenstar Farm (Caracas 89); Gretchen Draper (Czechers); Radi Salim (Jos); and Georgia Saad (Vogue).

Final Results for $5,000 WCHR Professional Finals 


90.00 91.00 90.00  90.33

92.00 92.00 92.00  92.00

96.00 84.00 89.00  89.66



83.00 89.00 85.00   85.66

94.00 91.00 93.50   92.83

89.00 88.00 90.00   89.00



88.00 90.00 89.00   89.00

85.00 84.00 85.00   84.66

93.00 94.00 93.00   93.33



86.50 93.00 87.00   88.83

87.00 90.00 87.00   88.00

86.00 86.00 88.00   86.66



78.00 84.00 82.00   81.33

80.00 78.00 80.00   79.33

87.00 81.00 85.00   84.33



93.00 92.00 89.50   91.50

91.50 90.50 88.00   90.00

30.00 30.00 35.00   31.66


Allison Joyce Prevails in Three Rounds of 2015 ARIAT Adult Medal Finals

Allison Joyce of Medway, Massachusetts, piloted Herrold, owned by Mindy Whitman of Marston Mills, Massachusetts, to their first major equitation final championship in the ARIAT Adult Medal Finals at CCHS, as the duo collected a total three round score of 254.30 to narrowly edge Kendall Casaccio of Mamora, New Jersey, and Fortissimo, owned by Pembrook Farm, who finished with a total score of 247.55. Casaccio entered the head-to-head test portion of the class with a score of 171.15 narrowly ahead of Joyce who returned with a 171.10.

“This is pretty surreal. I’ve never won a major final before as a junior or an adult so this is really exciting for me. I had an awesome horse beneath me, Herrold, owned by Mindy Whitman, he’s just amazing,” said Joyce. “He’s a go-getter. He knows his job and he’s there for you every stride and you wouldn’t be able to ask for anything more than that.” 

Joyce rode first in the test portion, putting in a bold but elegant round, with a only a small rub at fence two, ultimately receiving an 83.20 from the panel, which would carry her on to victory. Casaccio collected second place honors earning a 76.40 in the test.

“I’ve only ridden him a handful of times and jumped once before getting here, but for me, this class was about staying relaxed and not overthinking it, just having a plan and riding the plan,” noted Joyce.

Going into the first round, which boasted 30 entries this year, Joyce planned to make the most of her trip in front of the judges, prepared a bold and forward plan. Herrold settled nicely for Joyce and she knew that if she rode an accurate round, she would find herself placing nicely before the second round of competition.

“I knew I wanted to go get the first jump as soon as I picked up the canter and then the second I landed I knew where I was and he was really just game for anything. It really fell into place for us,” she continued.

A recent graduate of Oklahoma State University and an alumna of their NCAA Division I program, Joyce will ride through the winter circuit in Florida before making any decisions about her future. “My plan right now, is to go to Florida to ride a bit this winter and take some time off before deciding what to do with my life as an adult,” Joyce smiled.  

Final Results: ARIAT National Adult Medal Finals


87.00 83.50 80.00 87.00 81.50   83.80

86.00 86.50 90.00 89.00 85.00   87.30

86.00 83.00 80.00 84.00 83.00   83.20



84.75 86.00 83.00 82.50 82.00   83.65

88.50 88.00 87.00 86.00 88.00   87.50

77.00 78.00 75.00 72.00 80.00   76.40




82.00 82.75 85.00 83.00 77.00   81.95

87.00 86.00 85.00 85.00 86.00   85.80



84.65 83.25 85.50 84.50 80.25    83.63

83.00 84.50 79.00 82.00 81.50    82.00



83.00 79.00 81.00 86.00 85.00   82.80

78.00 83.40 84.00 84.00 82.50   82.50



83.50 83.00 78.00 80.50 80.50   81.10

82.00 84.00 82.00 81.00 83.00   82.40



85.25 82.50 78.50 80.75 84.00   82.20

76.50 79.00 82.50 80.00 81.00   79.80



85.00 84.00 84.00 81.00 79.50   82.40

76.00 78.00 83.00 76.00 79.00   78.40



86.00 82.00 79.00 82.00 83.00   82.40

68.00 72.00 66.00 68.00 68.00   68.40



82.75 78.00 77.50 84.00 83.50   81.35

68.00 72.00 66.00 68.00 68.00   68.40


Kimberly Maloomian Victorious in $2,500 WCHR Adult Amateur Challenge

CCHS continues to serve as an impressive destination for the country’s best amateur hunter riders each year and today served as the final day of amateur competition in the hunter ring with the $2,500 WCHR Adult Amateur Challenge presented by Kate Considine and Willow Brook Farm. Kimberly Maloomian of Needham, MA, aboard Invincible, the famous mount of Ellen Toon, challenged a class of 32 entries, scoring a class best 88.00 to take the win.

Maloomian, who rode the 2000 Bayerisches Warmblood to reserve champion honors at HITS Saugerties in the Adult Amateur finals division earlier in September, was thrilled to finally capture a victory with one of the country’s most storied hunter mounts, endearingly known as Shaq.

“I’m not very good with pressure situations and I wanted to come in and make it fun, but I also knew that after yesterday it was going to be really close since there were a lot of really good riders within ten points of each other,” she remarked. “The course was a great course for Shaq though because it was landing on the right lead, which made the bending line perfect, but he’s done so many of these high pressure classes that he doesn’t care. It was more on me.”

Maloomian tried to relieve the pressure by reminding herself that her main and only goal was to do the best that she could do and let the rest just happen. Working all year long to qualify for the class, Maloomian made the most of her moment in The Show Place Arena and left the ring with a smile.

“Being able to ride Shaq worked out fabulously for me. I’ve only been riding him for about a month and we went to the Hamptons then Saugerties and we got a lot of red ribbons. It felt great today to finally earn the blue,” she said.

Winning the class meant a lot for Maloomian, who is very involved with the WCHR program and even coordinates awards for the northeast region, “I’m very into this program and it’s something nice to work towards. It definitely means a lot, especially when you’re invested in the program.”

Lisa Cox and Castleton, owned by The Barracks, who captured divisional reserve champion honors yesterday, continued with their success today earning a second place finish with a final score of 85.66. Ingrid Avera and her own Cadbury rounded out the top three of the class with a final score of 84.50.

Cloe Hymowitz Takes First Round of $10,000 North American Jr./AO Challenge Cup 

Cloe Hymowitz of Bridgehampton, New York, and Fidalago van het Leliehof, owned by Rose Hill Farm, raced to the win in the first round of the $10,000 North American Junior/Amateur Owner Challenge Cup, which served as a speed class before the final round of competition tomorrow night, stopping the timers in 57.143 seconds to collect the win.

Hymowitz only began riding Fidalgo van het Leliehof a week ago, as the experienced gelding recently just switched hands to Rose Hill Farm as a High Junior Amateur mount for Hymowitz to compete during the winter season. Also finishing in fifth place aboard Romance de Kerliven, Hymowitz is looking forward to having four mounts in tomorrow night’s final class, “I’m really happy with how today went. I’ve only had him for a week and was just trying to get to know him a bit better, but when I looked at the clock we had actually gone pretty fast. I’m excited for our partnership and will try to get to know him better over the next couple of months before the winter circuit.”

Morgan Ward of Milford, New Jersey, and Conquillas finished in second with a time of 59.132 seconds while Kelli Cruciotti of Elizabeth, CO, followed in third aboard Wallenburg with a time of 59.146 seconds.

Competition at CCHS continues tomorrow with a day of Junior and Pony hunter classes, including the WCHR Pony Challenge, as well as the final round of the $10,000 North American Junior/Amateur Owner Challenge Cup.

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