Private Tutoring Services, (PTS)/Palm Beach International Academy Enters Second Year of Leading Sponsorship at Capital Challenge Horse Show

July 2, 2015 - Upper Marlboro, MD

The Capital Challenge Horse Show (CCHS) is proud to present Private Tutoring Services, (PTS) /Palm Beach International Academy as a leading sponsor in the 22nd edition of the prestigious horse show. Competition at CCHS is set to begin on September 26, 2015 and will continue through October 4 at Prince George’s Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, MD. CCHS provides equestrian athletes from around the country an opportunity to compete against the very best in a variety of hunter, amateur jumper, and equitation classes available to riders of all ages.

PTS/Palm Beach International Academy offers clients the peace of mind that academia continues to serve as a staple their student’s lives and careers, wherever their travels may take them. Specializing in catering to students pursuing professional athletic careers, PTS/Palm Beach International Academy creates customized educational schedules for students unable to participate in traditional school formats.

“We absolutely love working with the equestrian community. We have tailored our program to support their needs and as a result, it has gone out into the world and truly created a shift in education,” said Joanne Weiner, Executive Director of PTS/Palm Beach International Academy.

Offering on-site tutoring services, private tutoring via Skype and study hall sessions to clients competing across the country, PTS/Palm Beach International Academy creates friendly and focused environments for students to balance both equestrian competition and academic study.

“We have always wanted to offer a program that allowed our students to continue with their competition schedules without sacrificing their education. The equestrian community sees us as the foremost academic provider in the industry and we continue to drive ourselves to exceed that reputation,” remarked Weiner.

PTS/Palm Beach International Academy sponsorship of CCHS not only benefits their clientele, but also provides all CCHS competitors with access to a private study hall overlooking the main arena, which remains open throughout the day for schoolwork and academic activities.

“There’s a big junior draw at Capital Challenge Horse Show and we want to give every student the opportunity to study and stay up to pace with their academics, which is why we decided to create a complimentary study hall for everyone,” said Weiner. “We create a really fun space and help our students understand that managing and engaging in their academic studies will ultimately help them to perform better in the ring.”

In a continued effort to support the show and its competitors, PTS/Palm Beach International Academy is honored to sponsor the 2015 Capital Challenge Horse Show and looks forward to creating a lasting partnership with the competition for many years to come.

“We’re really committed to this show for the long run. We’re so happy to be able to support the interests of our students,” commented Weiner. “We see CCHS continuing to grow and we want our sponsorship to do the same. It is so inspiring to see our students compete. We feel like this is such a special way of giving back to them and supporting their dreams.”

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