World Equestrian Center – Ocala 2022 Photography Policy

January 6, 2022 - Ocala, FL

Official Photographers
• Andrew Ryback Photography
• Susan J. Stickle Photography
• Shane Rux Photography
• Maven Photo & Film

All professional photographers not on assignment from a specific media at World Equestrian Center – Ocala are required to apply for a private photographer pass OR must have a vendor space on-site. Official letters of assignment are required to be submitted prior to the event.

WEC – Ocala Private Photographer Pricing

• Individual weekly passes are $1,250.00 USD
• No discount for second shooter/same business.
• No season-long passes will be issued; private photographers must apply for each week they plan to shoot clients and will receive a credential each week they apply. Passes are non-transferable.
• Apply via the button below to be considered. After application review, applicants will be notified when they are accepted for a private photographer pass.

APPLY HERE for Private Photographer Pass

Private Photographer Rules

• Credentials must be visible at all times.
• Private Photographers must yield to Official Photography (OP) staff.
• No private photographers are allowed on the field of play.
• Any photo shoots must be pre-approved by WEC press officer.
• Only two private photographers are allowed on-site per week with a maximum of 10 clients each.
• Private photography credentials are awarded on a first come, first served basis.
• The private photographer fee must be paid in-person at the WEC – Ocala show office along with the list of clients and proof of Accident Liability Insurance.
• Private photographer client lists will be provided to the OP for review.
• OP will have priority in positioning around the arenas and is the only photographer allowed inside arenas during competition and for awards ceremonies.
• Private photographers may only photograph from the stands in the Grand Arena and Stadium and may only photograph from the spectator areas at all other arenas. Private photographers are not allowed along the rail at either the Stadium or Grand Arena.
• Client lists must be received no later than the Monday of the current show week. Any approved freelance photographer may not solicit new clients beyond the client list submitted at time of approval.
• For special events (i.e. Premier Cup), private photographers may not solicit business nor photograph entire barns.
• Private photographers may not post photographs taken of people that are not on their client list to their social media accounts during or after the conclusion of the show and may not solicit sales of those photographs.
• Private photographers may not support other private photographers by shooting their clients.
• Approved credentials are non-transferable - each member of a private photographer company must pay for individual credential passes and may not swap between representatives.
• Private photographers may not place remote camera equipment in the ring or alongside the ring.
• Private photographers should not shadow OP team members and should establish their own locations/shots so as not to interfere with the work that OP team members are contracted to do for the show.
• Private photographers may not conduct portrait sessions on show grounds at any time.
• Private photographers may not have a trailer, vendor booth, or advertisements on property.
• Seats in the Media Center are for accredited media only, not private photographers.
• All individuals will be required to produce proof of insurance and sign a COVID-19 liability waiver prior to entry of the facility.
• Any infraction of this policy will result in the forfeiture of the fee and expulsion from the World Equestrian Center.

Media Photographers

Photographers representing newspapers, magazines, websites, and other media, with purpose of appearing in print and online placements, must apply for media credentials and be approved by WEC – Ocala. Credentials are required for photographing on-site. Applying for a media credential is agreement that your photos will only be used for media purposes and will not be sold or given away to riders or to non-media businesses for any use on social media, promotions, or advertising. Media photographers must apply for each week they plan to cover competitions at WEC – Ocala and receive their credentials prior to photographing at the facility. Media centers are available for use and media are provided with workspace and WiFi for their coverage of events.