USET Foundation Launches New Day of Giving Initiative To Generate Support Ahead of Olympic and Paralympic Games

April 3, 2024 - Gladstone, NJ

The United States Equestrian Team (USET) Foundation has announced a new initiative to rally support for U.S. equestrian athletes. Giving Day, set for April 17, 2024, is a call to action strategically timed 100 days out from the start of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, France, to boost support for U.S. equestrian athletes and programs. This day serves as a milestone on the pathway to Paris, symbolizing the journey toward excellence in equestrian sports.

The USET Foundation’s Giving Day provides the opportunity for fans, athletes, and supporters alike to be part of the legacy of and make a real difference for U.S. equestrian athletes. Individuals and organizations passionate about equestrianism can contribute to the success of U.S. equestrian athletes competing at the highest levels.

Giving Day is designed to bring the equestrian community together on this special day, April 17, to directly impact U.S. athletes’ training, development, and competition efforts in the lead-up to Paris. Thanks to the generosity of the USET Foundation’s Trustees and National Advisory Committee members, there is a $30,000 pledge challenge, so all donations up to that mark will be matched, doubling the impact your donation will make. 

Every contribution to Giving Day counts, no matter the size, so everyone can play a part in helping the USET Foundation ensure that athletes have the resources they need to succeed, either through a financial donation or spreading the word. Equestrian sports do not benefit from government funding in the U.S., so the athletes rely on these donations to carry the flag. You do not need to wait until Giving Day to donate, and whatever fits into your budget will make a tangible difference. 

Whether through financial contributions, spreading awareness, or engaging in fundraising activities, everyone has a role to play in championing the aspirations of the U.S.’s equestrian athletes. To make a contribution to the USET Foundation on Giving Day and make a real difference to U.S. athletes’ pathway to Paris 2024, donate here: uset.org/givingday.

There are many easy ways to participate:

1. Post on social media – Use hashtags #PathwayToParis and #USETFoundationGivingDay to spread the word. Share why supporting U.S. equestrian athletes is important to you and encourage others to join in.

2. Email or text friends and family – Personal messages can be incredibly effective in inspiring others to get involved. Share information about Giving Day and explain how their support can make a meaningful impact on our U.S. athletes’ journey to Paris 2024.

3. Donate – Consider donating to the USET Foundation via uset.org/givingday on Giving Day. Every contribution, no matter the size, directly supports the training, development, and competition efforts of U.S. equestrian athletes.

4. Spread awareness – Sharing information about Giving Day with your community by forwarding emails, distributing flyers, or talking to friends and colleagues about the importance of supporting the U.S. in equestrian sports.

By taking these simple steps, everyone can play a vital role in supporting U.S. equestrian athletes and programs. Together, we can pave the Pathway to Paris and help U.S. equestrian athletes on their journey to excellence.