MediVet Equine Makes Medical Breakthrough in Treating Sport Horse Inflammation

January 24, 2018 - Nicholasville, Kentucky

MediVet Equine, a leading manufacturer of preventative and regenerative equine therapies, has made a medical breakthrough in the way riders, owners, trainers, and veterinarians are able to block and terminate inflammation in horses, thanks to MediVet’s Autologous Conditioned Serum (ACS).

The cutting-edge regenerative therapy is now available throughout North America for use in eliminating the inflammation that leads to tissue destruction and joint disease and, in turn, pain and downtime for the horse.

The patented treatment terminates the inflammatory response in the horse’s body and offers a systemic and natural approach to eliminating inflammation, treating degenerative disease, and improving general functionality and overall health.  Unlike artificial drugs, MediVet ACS uses no additives.  Instead, the serum is produced from the horse’s own blood, which means that the administrator knows exactly what is going into the horse’s body.

When producing MediVet ACS, MediVet Lab Services utilizes patented LED photobiostimulation technology.  This low-level light process results in the induction of anti-inflammatory cytokines, the inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and the upregulation of growth factors at dramatically greater concentrations than any other process in existence.

Traditional therapies induce the Interleukin-1ra cytokine, which blocks inflammation.  Both IRAP® and MediVet ACS do this; however, MediVet ACS goes further, inducing three other powerful anti-inflammatory cytokines and upregulating multiple growth factors – making MediVet ACS a truly regenerative therapy.

“I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best horses in the world,” said Dr. Kristian Rhein, D.V.M., who treats elite sport horses in New York, Florida, Kentucky, and California.  “I’ve used IRAP®, I’ve used PRP, but the best results I’ve seen in horses speak for themselves; MediVet ACS is a breakthrough.”

Competitors across various equestrian disciplines are also experiencing the positive results of MediVet ACS first-hand.

“MediVet Equine has changed the game for me,” said Martha Redman, a professional rider and trainer who operates Redman Show Horses, Inc., in Elverson, PA, and Wellington, FL.  “After exhausting traditional therapies, I turned to MediVet ACS.  MediVet ACS worked wonders for us and has amazing whole horse benefits.  It is a must-have for my horses.”

MediVet Equine has invested eight years of research and testing on the ACS product.  It is now available in North America as a 100 percent show safe, powerful weapon against joint and soft tissue inflammation, capsulitis, breathing and lung problems, synovitis, early arthritis, and more.

For more information on MediVet ACS, ask your veterinarian or learn more about the revolutionary product here.

About MediVet Equine

MediVet Equine provides effective, all-natural, drug-free therapies designed to optimize the overall health of performance horses.  As the developers of MediVet ACS, SGF 1000 RMR, and Clear Scope, MediVet Equine specializes in regenerative treatments that help the body heal itself and build strength naturally, with products designed to activate stem cells within the horses to encourage growth.  Learn more about MediVet Equine online at