Halona Farms Launches Innovative EquiGreen Equine Feeding Solution In Wellington, Florida

September 11, 2019 - Wellington, FL

EquiGreen, a hydroponically-grown, sprouted barley grass, is now a sought-after comprehensive feeding option for horses.
Photo courtesy of Halona Farms
The EquiGreen process.
Photo courtesy of Halona Farms
Halona Farms, based in Wellington, FL, will begin production of EquiGreen with expected deliveries being made in time for the height of the 2020 show jumping, dressage, and polo competition seasons.
Photo courtesy of Halona Farms

Halona Farms, the company responsible for new and innovative feeding solutions for horses, has developed a state-of-the-art growing facility in Wellington, FL. Production of its signature EquiGreen, a hydroponically grown, sprouted barley grass and equine superfood, is scheduled to begin during winter 2020.

EquiGreen replicates the nutritional value and foraging benefits of pasture grazing, but can be fed anywhere at any time, much like hay but with richer nutritional benefits. It is grown in a 100% clean environment, is nutrient-optimized, and is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after feeds for performance horses as well as companion horses and those suffering from chronic colic or other digestive conditions and sensitivities.

In addition to being loaded with omega 3s, amino acids, and enzymes that promote strong joints and a healthy coat, EquiGreen is packed full of vitamins and minerals that can be lacking in traditional dry feed. With high quantities of vitamins A, B1, B12, E, and K, plus calcium, protein, carotene, iron, and organic sodium, sprouted barley grass is, by definition, a superfood.

“Halona Farms was born following the negative impact of severe drought conditions that swept through Texas between 2010 and 2012,” said co-founder Marvin Boyd, who is an active Thoroughbred owner, breeder, and racing enthusiast and former COO of a “Top 30” automotive group. “Millions of horses and other livestock were suffering, and not a single blade of grass could be found. Fresh and nutritious grass and hay feed became increasingly scarce as prices soared. A sustainable solution needed to be implemented that would combat potential climate-based problems, so the inspiration for Halona Farms was kindled.”

The persisting drought conditions and lacking nutrition in traditional feeds led Boyd and co-founder Dennis Michael Antolik to develop a modern solution. That solution was EquiGreen’s proprietary method of producing and conveniently distributing a freshly grown equine superfood on an industrial scale.

Boyd and Antolik recently broke ground on the state-of-the-art Halona Farms growing facility in Wellington, FL, with production and distribution scheduled to begin for the 2020 winter season. The process of production begins with seeds planted from a proprietary barley strain called Tambar 501. Barley is harvested from Halona Farms’ fields in Kansas to yield seeds that will later grow EquiGreen. After the seeds are shipped to the growing facility in Wellington, they are sprouted in clean hydroponic trays before being delivered to hungry horses.

“We’re excited about our new Wellington facility,” said Antolik, who has worked in professional capacities within the polo and Thoroughbred racing industries. “EquiGreen is produced using the latest growing technology to grow sprouted barley grass with a commitment to zero cross-contamination or quality compromise from the seed to the stall. We’re looking forward to providing horsemen in the Wellington area and beyond with EquiGreen.

“Halona Farms’ growing facility is built on transparency, the highest quality components, and experienced growers,” continued Antolik. “Our Wellington facility includes the highest quality water filtration system, a hermetically sealed facility with controlled air pressure to eliminate in-born air contaminants, an environmentally controlled system to control fresh air flow and humidity levels for optimum growing conditions, a back-up power generating plant, and a proprietary tray system to enhance water flow with anti-bacterial properties.”

Boyd and Antolik formed Halona Farms with the belief that horse owners everywhere should have access to the very best, premium-quality feed. Halona Farms’ EquiGreen brings the pasture to the stall by providing a comprehensive, healthy feed to horses of all disciplines, ages, and stages in life.

More information on Halona Farms, EquiGreen, and how to order can be found at HalonaFarms.com. Halona Farms is also on Facebook, where horse owners and enthusiasts can follow the progress of construction on the Wellington growing facility and find information about EquiGreen and its benefits.