EquisBoutique.com Now Features Online Retail Shop

November 23, 2015 - Wellington, Florida

Equis Boutique is proud to announce that online ordering is now available for four of their luxury brands at EquisBoutique.com. Equis is best known for offering a high-quality shopping experience to the discerning equestrian and made a name for itself at FEI Horse Inspections across the U.S. by awarding the coveted “Best Presented Horse” honor at top shows during 2015.

Equis Boutique has enjoyed a busy and successful year with pop-up boutiques at premiere events across the U.S. Each location sourced the highest quality partner brands to dress both the horse and rider to form an exclusive one-stop boutique.

“We sought to introduce carefully selected and popular international equine brands to the American market,” said Cesar Hirsch, founder of Equis Boutique. “Their popularity has been the biggest evidence of their quality and promises continued growth for Equis Boutique, inspiring us to make it even easier for our consumers by providing access to this merchandise online.”

Online shopping arrived just in time for the holidays with Dy'on tack, Kentucky Horsewear, Parlanti boots and Manfredi Equestrian apparel making their debut on the Equis Boutique online shop.

What you can shop at EquisBoutique.com:

Dy’on is known for their craftsmanship, the best materials, and customer service in producing bridlework, chaps, stable accessories, and more.


Kentucky Horsewear
Established in August 2010, Kentucky Horsewear is rapidly becoming the ‘must have’ brand for protective horse boots, tack and now riding apparel across all disciplines.


Manfredi Equestrian
Based in Madrid, Spain, Manfredi Equestrian is a company dedicated to manufacturing elegant equestrian clothing from the finest quality luxury material.


Parlanti ready-to-wear and custom-made riding boots represent the perfect combination between quality, tradition and research.

Visit EquisBoutique.com/shop to shop online, or for a complete schedule of upcoming Equis Boutique locations, visit equisboutique.com/find-us.

For more information on Equis LLC boutiques, please visit EquisBoutique.com, or find EquisBoutique on Facebook and Instagram! Email info@equisboutique.com for questions on the stores and their products.

About Equis, LLC
Equis LLC delivers superior service in order to educate their consumers on the brands and products they offer and show the variety and quality of their made-to-order, customized products. By providing a unique shopping experience, Equis rises above your normal tack shop to offer only the best. “Live the Experience – A Boutique for the Discerning Equestrian.”