Equine Tech Collab Welcomes Corro as New Partner

November 26, 2019 - Wellington, FL

The Equine Tech Collaborative is pleased to welcome Corro as a new member of the group, now composed of eight equestrian companies working together to solve problems and enhance the equestrian community through innovative, technology-based solutions.

Launched in July of 2019, Corro is designed to offer equestrians a unique and improved approach to shopping for all of their riding and horse care needs. After thoroughly researching all of its products, including everything from barn and grooming supplies to turnout sheets and tack, Corro showcases the industry’s most popular multi-discipline equestrian merchandise at the lowest prices. 

In doing so, Corro offers a curated assortment of products that the company can stand behind,because every product that Corro sells has been carefully chosen based on careful research, customer reviews and conversations with real horse people, from owners and riders to barn managers and professionals.

Corro’s goal of streamlining the retail experience for busy horse owners and a commitment to research-based methods made the company an ideal fit for the “Equine Tech Collab.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Corro to the Equine Tech Collab,” said Nicole Lakin, the founder of the Equine Tech Collab and BarnManager, the official barn management software of U.S. Equestrian. “Corro is making it easier than ever to find the best products at the best prices for equestrians and their equine partners.

“The team at Corro brings a wealth of experience and passion to their work and to the ETC,” continued Lakin. “We are all excited to have them join us in our efforts to bring the best technological solutions and services to the equestrian community, and to build an ecosystem that fosters the growth and development of equine focused technology."

Lakin founded the Equine Tech Collab in 2018 as a way to bring like-minded companies together to promote integration and collaboration for the benefit of equestrian users, and the team at Corro looks forward to helping further that mission.

"We are thrilled to be a part of the ETC and able to work alongside other like-minded tech professionals all striving to bring the equine community a more streamlined process driven through technology innovation,” said Tom Petersen, Head of Merchandising and Strategic partnerships at Corro.

In honor of Corro joining the Equine Tech Collab, the company is offering all shoppers 15% off their entire first order on www.CorroShop.com by entering code ETC15 at checkout.

The Equine Tech Collab is currently made up of eight equine technology companies, including three founding partners BarnManagerEquo, and Jumpfax, and five partners including Electronic VetEpona ExchangeEvent Clinics, Hylofit, and now, Corro.

The Equine Tech Collab is dedicated to supporting the education of equestrians by helping to equip them with the knowledge and tools needed to facilitate the best practices in horse care and management and to the integration and collaboration across equine technology platforms.

To learn more about the Equine Tech Collab, its mission, and each of the current members, visit www.equinetechcollab.com, or find the Equine Tech Collab on Facebook and Instagram.