Equine Elixirs Congratulates New National Hunter Breeding Champion Quite A Star

August 27, 2019 - Wellington, FL

Quite A Star, shown by Emily Anne Belin-McDonnell, won the Best Young Horse title at the Sallie B. Wheeler USEF/USHJA National Hunter Breeding Championship.
Photo by Jump Media
Equine Elixirs products are part of the program for both Quite A Star and Caberneigh, the Best Young Horse and Reserve Best Young Horse at the Sallie B. Wheeler USEF/USHJA National Hunter Breeding Championships.
Photo by Jump Media

Equine Elixirs is proud to be part of the program of both Quite A Star and Caberneigh, the Best Young Horse and Reserve Best Young Horse named at the Sallie B. Wheeler USEF/USHJA National Hunter Breeding Championships in Lexington, VA, on August 24.

Emily Anne Belin-McDonnell trains both Quite A Star and Caberneigh at her Magic Hill Farms LLC in Honey Brook, PA, and depends on the all-natural Equine Elixirs products Ulceraser®, a forage-based gastric support supplement, and Positude®, a liquid that promotes hormone balance and even temperament, to help keep the horses in her care feeling their best. “I’m a believer,” Belin-McDonnell said. “I have all the show horses in the barn on Ulceraser and a majority of them also on Positude.

“I’ve noticed a huge difference in our horses. When I came home from the Winter Equestrian Festival in 2017, everybody was raving about Ulceraser and their horses looked great, so I gave it a try,” Belin-McDonnell continued. “It has been a game-changer for some of our horses. They feel really good on this, and it keeps their stomachs happy. We’re thrilled with the product.”

At Magic Hill Farms LLC, Belin-McDonnell and Scott Burkhart train a variety of horses from young stars showing on the line in the hunter breeding to green hunter prospects. They also train riders in the junior and amateur hunter divisions. Belin-McDonnell is a frequent winner in the hunter breeding divisions at shows such as the Devon Horse Show (PA), the Upperville Colt & Horse Show (VA) and more.

“I feel that if there’s anything I could do that would be healthy for the horses and in their best interests, I should do it,” she said. “Gastric support is something that I take seriously, which is why we use the Ulceraser on the whole barn. I just feel like it keeps them feeling good and healthy. I’m a traveling girl myself, so I know when I’m feeling healthy, I’m happier about doing my job, so it’s great.”

Ulceraser’s proprietary blend of human-grade ingredients helps build and strengthen stomach and intestinal mucosa, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, boost the immune system, reduce anxiety and nervousness, and clear sand and debris from the gut. Up to 90% of performance horses have ulcers due to the stress of travel, training, large grain meals, lack of access to grazing, and use of harsh nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  After (and in conjunction with) medications such as omeprazole, Ulceraser can help maintain a horse’s healthy digestive tract and prevent the recurrence of ulcers. Unlike pastes and powders, horses love to eat the forage-based Ulceraser, so there’s no waste or mess, and even the pickiest eaters love it.

Belin-McDonnell added Positude to her program at the beginning of the year when the innovative alternative to progesterone therapy debuted. “I don’t like giving my horses Depo or Regumate. I don’t like to give them unnatural things. When Positude came out, I had a lot of people recommend it to me. I gave it a try and we haven’t looked back.”

Positude, an all-natural, orally administered alternative to medroxyprogesterone, or Depo-Provera, is an effective, all-natural, affordable, and long-term solution for helping promote hormonal balance and consistent temperament in horses. Its liquid form, fed twice a day, provides a safe, convenient, and consistent delivery system.

Positude is designed to help eliminate undesirable behaviors that can result from hormonal imbalances. Positude acts on the pituitary to increase the amount and effects of natural progesterone while reducing the effects of estrogen and testosterone, helping to correct temperamental and unwanted behavior in mares, geldings, and stallions.  Positude also helps negate behaviors associated with estrus without interfering with a mare’s estrus cycle.

In addition, Positude supports muscular relaxation in skeletal and smooth muscles surrounding blood vessels, the digestive tract, and other organs, promoting a healthy nervous system and reducing stress, while helping maintain a quiet disposition.

“I’ve found that especially the young mares get really painful and upset when they come in season. They almost get frantic because they don’t know what’s going on with their bodies. Positude has really leveled out their heat cycles so we almost don’t even know when they’re in season. I definitely think that the symptoms of coming into season that everyone hates are diminished. I can’t say enough good things about it,” continued Belin-McDonnell.

It’s not just the young horses shown on the line that benefit from Positude on Belin-McDonnell’s program. She includes Positude for the horses showing under saddle as well. “The ones that tend to be a little spooky and edgy really improve,” she said. “The ones that are a little lazy and behind the leg, they’re a little perkier and brighter and delightful to ride on the Positude. We’ve used it on every kind of horse.”

Ulceraser and Positude’s effective, all-natural, and USEF- and FEI-safe formulas have quickly gained a following with many of the country’s top riders and trainers, including McLain Ward, Scott Stewart, Peter Pletcher, Tori Colvin, Jimmy Torano, Louise Serio, Amanda Derbyshire, Mario Deslauriers, Kevin Babington, Missy Clark, Lauren Hough, Laine Ashker, and many more.

The gastric support treats Tidbits® joined the Equine Elixirs line-up this year, providing riders with the opportunity to reward their horses with treats formulated to support healthy digestion in ulcery horses. They are ideal for use during training, competition, travel, changes in weather, changes in environment, or other stressful situations, with a crunchy great taste that horses love.

A 30-day supply of Ulceraser costs just $59.99, and a 30-ounce bottle of Positude, which is a 30-day supply, costs just $49.99. Auto-ship options are available. Find out more and order Positude, Ulceraser, and Tidbits online at www.equineelixirs.com.

Equine Elixirs leads the field in all-natural, equine supplements to ensure the health of the horse. Ulceraser®, a forage-based supplement for gastric health and ulcer prevention, and Positude®, an orally administered proprietary blend providing hormonal support, are all-natural, effective, and affordable solutions for improving horse health. Learn more at www.equineelixirs.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.