A Day in the Life with Drs. Tyler Davis and Janet Greenfield Davis of Palm Beach Equine Clinic

March 19, 2016 - Wellington, FL

Janet and Zella on their way to preschool bright and early.
Janet examines a horse at Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center.
A busy day for Janet with Maisie and Zella.
Maisie hanging out in mom's work truck - we may have a future vet on our hands.
On a barn call with mom, Zella comforts a newborn foal.
Zella on a barn call with dad.
Maisie on the job at a polo match with dad.

With a fantastic team of 28 veterinarians, Palm Beach Equine Clinic is one big family. Two doctors at PBEC are even married! Dr. Tyler Davis and Dr. Janet Greenfield Davis are two gifted and knowledgeable veterinarians who call PBEC home. The pair joined the team at PBEC together in 2010. They first met ten years ago while attending vet school at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, and have been married six years in September.

While the husband and wife team are both great veterinarians and work in all aspects of sport horse medicine, Dr. Tyler Davis specializes in equine dentistry, and Dr. Janet Greenfield Davis specializes in equine acupuncture.

Adding to the strong family values at PBEC, the duo also has two beautiful daughters. Zella is two-and-a-half years old and Maisie is nine months. The couple successfully shuffles the day-to-day responsibilities of raising two children with two very busy careers. A career in veterinary medicine is very demanding, so finding a balance between home and work can be difficult, but this pair seems to have it all under control.

Take a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of PBEC’s dynamic duo:

  • Janet and Tyler usually wake up between 6:30 and 7 a.m. They feed the baby, get dressed, and wake up their older child, Zella. They get Zella dressed, feed her breakfast, walk the dog, pack lunches, and are out the door by 10 minutes to 9. Janet drops Zella off at preschool and heads to work, usually arriving at the clinic by 9:15 a.m. to gather her things, and then it is off on farm calls.
  • This time of year, Janet busies herself with export, acupuncture, and FEI treatments. Sometimes there is the occasional call for a medical emergency. She also volunteers her time treating the horses at Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center.
  • Zella has to be picked up from preschool at 3 p.m. Janet then picks the baby up from the babysitter and finishes any calls that she did not get to. Then it is home to make dinner, bathe the kids, put them to bed, and wake up and do it all again.
  • On the weekends Janet tries to keep calls to a minimum, just going to clients that she knows, as the children ride with her. Plus, the work schedule often interferes with naptime. 
  • Working with your children can be very entertaining. Zella acts as Janet’s veterinary technician, carrying various items, and helping her listen to the horse’s heart beat. She provides the patients with emotional support, often patting them, and saying, ‘good boy.’
  • Zella and the baby also join dad on barn calls and different jobs. They are learning early!

Dr. Tyler Davis and Dr. Janet Greenfield Davis are no different than any other working mom and dad, but a glimpse into their day-to-day life shows how a successful veterinary career can be managed, and enhanced, with family by your side.

The team at Palm Beach Equine Clinic is proud to call the doctors family and also considers all of the clients family as well. The veterinarians and staff of PBEC are respected throughout the industry for their advanced level of care and steadfast commitment to horses and owners. With 28 skilled veterinarians on staff, including three board-certified surgeons, internal medicine specialists, and one of very few board-certified equine radiologists in the country, PBEC leads the way in new, innovative diagnostic imaging and treatments. Palm Beach Equine Clinic provides experience, knowledge, availability, and the very best care for its clients. To find out more, please visit www.EquineClinic.com or call 561-793-1599. “Like” them on Facebook to follow along on what happens in Wellington and more, and get news from their Twitter!