Wordley Martin Completes Renovation Project at the Equine Quarantine at Ossian Ventures

October 26, 2022 - Wellington, FL

Wordley Martin, a leading developer of equestrian properties and premier riding surfaces, has completed a significant arena renovation project at the Equine Quarantine at Ossian Ventures, the largest equine quarantine site in Wellington, Florida, best known for stabling many of the world’s top sport horses upon their arrival into the United States.

“We were delighted to have been chosen for this undertaking,” stated Wordley Martin co-owner Craig Martin. “As international grand prix riders, we understand the importance of having a quality arena to prepare for competitions at a high level. Upgrading the outdoor arena at Ossian Ventures improves the caliber of training for the numerous world-class athletes that use the facility.”

The original footing in what was the 120-by-210-foot outdoor riding arena was eight years old and not performing at an elite standard. Wordley Martin removed the old footing, replacing it with its own premier blend, and widened the arena by 35 feet. In addition, the drainage system was completely redesigned. The high usage of the arena made finishing the project as efficiently as possible paramount, so riders could return to their normal training regimes without undue delay. For what typically takes a couple of weeks, Wordley Martin worked overtime to complete the arena in eight days.

The new Wordley Martin arena was put to the test almost immediately, as Category 4 Hurricane Ian quickly approached the area on September 28. Despite 12 inches of rain in a two-day period, there was no resulting standing water over the footing.

“As the leading CEM quarantine facility in the country, Equine Quarantine at Ossian Ventures strives to provide our clients with the services and quality they have come to expect,” explained co-founder and manager Richard Faver. “When it came time to give our riding arena a makeover, Wordley Martin was the name everyone said we had to use! The reviews from our clients are amazing. We currently have 35 horses that ride on the arena daily, and it holds up to the regular jumping with minimal maintenance. Plus, the drainage is second to none. We couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with our new Wordley Martin arena.”

The completion of the Wordley Martin arena project marks the latest addition to the impressive list of amenities offered at the Equine Quarantine at Ossian Ventures. The facility, owned by co-founder Sara L. Williamson, offers full CEM quarantine for both mares and stallions and boasts 32 12-by-12-foot stalls with automatic fly spray and video surveillance systems as well as eight grass turnout paddocks and a six-horse walker. The Wordley Martin arena, along with the existing Bermuda jumping field, enables riders to continue their training routines throughout the quarantine period.

About Wordley Martin
Wordley Martin provides equestrian arena architecture, construction, installation, and footing products to create a personalized, ideal riding environment. Founded by international grand prix riders Sharn Wordley and Craig Martin, Wordley Martin has installed more than 450 arenas throughout the United States and has become the choice of Olympians, top athletes, and owners from show jumping, eventing, and dressage who value Wordley Martin’s exceptionally high standard of execution. Whether it be for a traditional outdoor arena, underneath watering system arena, covered area, indoor arena, or gallop track, Wordley Martin’s unique sand mixture, incorporating textiles and fibers, results in a dust-free surface to ideally support every impact. Learn more at www.WordleyMartin.com.