Equine Elixirs Launches Electrofresh: A Completely Different Type of Electrolyte With an Equine Elixirs Twist

February 18, 2021 - Wellington, FL

Equine Elixirs, the brand behind the popular Ulceraser®, Positude®, Immunox®, and Calmakazi® supplements, announces an addition to its all-natural, whole food based product line: Electrofresh®. Electrofresh helps horses maintain a proper electrolyte balance.

“We always strive to develop and deliver effective products that address horses’ everyday needs,” said Elizabeth Ehrlich, founder of Equine Elixirs. “Without proper electrolyte balance and hydration, horses are at risk of fatigue and muscle cramping. Electrofresh, which is one of a number of products slated to launch this year, helps horses maintain proper osmotic balance of fluid in and around cells which is necessary for normal muscle contraction and relaxation.”

The major electrolytes in equine sweat are sodium, chloride, and potassium, with smaller amounts of calcium and magnesium. Unlike human sweat, which is comprised mostly of water, horse sweat is hypertonic, which means it contains more mineral salts than water.

Electrofresh contains mineral-rich pink Himalayan and red Hawaiian salt with banana extract to support healthy hydration and is designed to mimic the minerals lost in equine sweat. Maintaining a proper electrolyte balance helps maintain healthy cardiovascular and neurological function while also helping reduce oxidative stress.

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