Equine Elixirs Congratulates Pony Finals Winners

August 14, 2018 - Wellington, FL

Equine Elixirs is proud that Ulceraser is part of the program of Kat Fuqua and Brighton, the overall grand champions of USEF Pony Finals.
Photo by Sara Hellner.
Equine Elixirs' Ulceraser is an innovative, all-natural and forage-based supplement designed to provide full gut support as well as prevent the recurrence of ulcers.
Photo by Elizabeth Ehrlich.

Ulceraser, the unique, all-natural and forage-based supplement by Equine Elixirs designed to provide full gut support as well as help prevent the recurrence of ulcers, is proud to have been part of the programs of multiple ponies showing and winning at the U.S. Equestrian Federation Pony Finals, presented by Collecting Gaits Farm, in Lexington, KY, on August 8-12. Four ponies earning tricolors at Pony Finals, including the overall grand and overall reserve grand champions, include Ulceraser in their daily routine.

Brighton and Kat Fuqua won the model, the under saddle and the over fences classes on their way to the large championship and the overall grand championship. “We give Equine Elixirs to all our competition hunter ponies and junior hunter horses. There is a noticeable difference adding weight, shining coats, and I think managing stomach show nerves for my equines,” Fuqua, of Atlanta, GA, said of the effects of Ulceraser on Brighton and her other horses and ponies.

Taking the reserve grand championship behind Brighton and jumping to the medium pony hunter title was Anisette, ridden and owned by Tessa Downey. Anisette was also awarded the Best Turned Out honors. Ulceraser is pleased to be part of Anisette’s daily regimen as well.

Another pony benefitting from Ulceraser’s proprietary blend of human-grade ingredients was Neon Moon, the small green pony champion under the guidance of Skylar Wireman. “Since adding Ulceraser to our program three years ago we have noticed a significant improvement in the health, appearance and demeanor of our horses. We are believers!” said Wireman’s trainers, Carleton and Traci Brooks of Balmoral Farm, Inc., in West Los Angeles and Malibu, CA.

In addition, Ulceraser is proud to have been part of the reserve large green pony champion’s feeding program—Kierstin Antoniadis rode Winter Tietjen’s Pokerface to a win in the over-fences on the way to the reserve championship.

“Throughout the year people tell me how well their ponies respond to Ulceraser, and that they are happier and healthier since integrating Ulceraser into their programs,” said Elizabeth Ehrlich of Equine Elixirs. “It’s very exciting to see such tangible results and watch the ponies out there performing their best and looking great. I love seeing the hard work of all the young riders and their ponies pay off on such a big stage.”

Ulceraser’s unique blend of natural ingredients helps build and strengthen stomach and intestinal mucosa, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, boost the immune system, reduce anxiety and nervousness, and clear sand and debris from the gut. Unlike pastes and powders, horses love to eat the forage-based Ulceraser, so there’s no waste or mess, and even the pickiest eaters love it.

Ulceraser is completely safe to use in competition horses at both the FEI and USEF levels.  LGC Science, Inc., an FEI-recognized laboratory that performed the drug testing at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, performed the comprehensive screening of Ulceraser and confirmed that the supplement contains no prohibited substances. 

A 30-day supply of Ulceraser costs just $59.99, and auto-ship options are available. Find out more and order online at www.equineelixirs.com.

Equine Elixirs’ Ulceraser, is a unique, all-natural and forage-based supplement using a proprietary blend of human-grade ingredients designed to build and strengthen the mucosa throughout the GI tract, reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety and nervousness, increase circulation, and help heal lesions. Learn more at www.equineelixirs.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.